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Why an Active Neighborhood Association is Important

Do you feel lights, sidewalks, and other safety features on your street are important? Do you find value having historic markers and public art in your neighborhood? Are you interested in receiving information about property developments and upcoming traffic projects? Then you understand some of the benefits of an active neighborhood association.

Registered neighborhood associations in Boise like the Collister Neighborhood Association:
•   Receive notification of development applications.
•   Receive extra time for testimony at public hearings such as Boise City Council or Ada County Highway District meetings.
•   Can apply for funding through Boise City’s Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant (NRG) process.

Over the years the Collister Neighborhood Association has received grants for a variety of projects including the installations of a street light, trail markers, public art, and a bus stop shelter. We’ve also received funding for website maintenance, neighborhood signs, and a pedestrian access bridge over a canal.

An active association requires participation, but not necessarily a large time commitment. Currently all officers are elected for one-year terms. The time afforded is nominal, but the impact to the neighborhood is considerable. Other participation opportunities include researching grant applications, planning the annual picnic, and providing feedback
to officers and local legislators at association meetings.

The Collister Neighborhood is a great place to live, but it takes your active participation to keep it that way!


Thank You 2017 Picnic Sponsers!


The Collister Neighborhood Association would like to thank everyone who participated in making the event possible! Live music was provided by the 

 Hokum Hi-Flyers; volunteers from the Wheelin' Sportsman providing grilling; Edwards Greenhouse and 4-H provided family activities. We especially appreciate

the generous neighborhood businesses for donating great raffle prizes.

20th Century Lanes Edwards Greenhouse

36th Street


Elks Lodge

36th Street

Garden Center

Fly! Boise

On The




'n Sip


Poppy Seed

Bakery + Cafe



The Gyro Shack
Big O Tires Thriftway Home Center
Boise Juice Co


Goods & Gifts

Carl's Cycle Sales



Cub Scout

Wolf Pack 142

Earthly Delights Farm  


Collister Neighborhood Plan

The full version of the Collister Neighborhood Plan can be viewed at



Neighborhood Boundaries

Collister Neighborhood boundaries are

North:   Boise City Area of Impact

South:   State/Taft Streets

East:     36th Street

West:    Pierce Park Lane

Collister divides the east and west quadrants. Catalpa is the north and south boundary for quadrants east of Collister, and John's Landing is the north and south boundary for quadrants west of Collister. Although its location is within these boundaries, Quail Ridge has its own neighborhood association. View a map of our boundaries at  



  Art Sculpture in Catalpa Park    Collister Elementary School

              Art Sculpture in Catalpa Park                   Collister Elementary School



Cynthia Mann Elementary School

 Cynthia Mann Elementary School


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